Modern and luxurious Majlis Design

Al Majlis in United Emirates culture is a large room in the home, villa, or palace that has a special style concerning the beauty and luxury it reflects by its sumptuous design. There are Men Majlis and Women Majlis either designed inside the home, or outside in the home's garden to save the specialty of the family.


In this article, some designing ways for luxurious attractive Majlis to comfort and please your guests:


  1. Luxurious Comfortable furniture

Decorating Majlis with furniture has been about choosing low sofas or seats connected to each other. Modern designing methods say it differently; it is good using high comfortable seats, sofas and armchairs, regarding leaving enough spaces and putting enough sofas and seats in order to accommodate many guests in a time. The modern furniture fabric is so simple, set with cushions or covers which have luxurious eastern style and elegant colors.

  1. Main Table in the Middle & Coffee Tables

The table in the middle of Majlis organizes the area the Majlis covered, and causes the visual balance to the place. Coffee tables, too, are important to reflect Arabs' hospitality; these tables are for serving guests by best of sweets, drinks... etc. Tables are made of wood or metals, and what makes the luxury is engraving and shaping them with Arabic calligraphy or ancient luxurious decorations to give the décor an authentic Arabian luxury.



  1. Carpets

As known, Arabian Majlis' floorings are covered with carpets, the very expensive and high-quality ones. Furnishing with carpets gives a sense of elegance to the place. They, in Majlis, use luxurious kinds of Iranian, Turkish or Silky carpets in a harmony with the furniture and colors of the rest of the Majlis and in a way that reflects the warm welcome.



  1. Marble Floors

Recently, carpets are being replaced by precious types of marble floors, decorated with royal inscriptions and elegant patterns. This style of decorating is for filling the empty spaces of the floor in order to highlight the luxury and richness of Majlis' designing in a harmony with the ceiling and walls decorations regarding terms of size, color and layout.



  1. More Lighting, More luxury

More neat lighting reflects the spirit of generosity and hospitality on one hand, and the luxury and elegance of the decor of Arab Majlis on the other hand. Lighting has a major role of highlighting the beauty of the designs, furniture and decorations of a place. Majlis must contains chandeliers made of precious metal or crystal, and lighting fixtures perfectly installed in gypsum ceiling units and decorations.



  1. Majlis Large Gates

Large Majlis' gates give the room greater importance, and make guests feel more welcome. Perfect and neat gates' decorations will help make the best first impression of the guest. At entrance gates of palaces, for example, marble on sides and floors gives an amazing impression at the first sight, and is mainly used here, for gates, because it is one of the most rigid and durable materials against nature's fluctuations.



  1. Ceiling & Walls Décor

Walls and ceilings' decor is directly connected to the Majlis' luxurious look since they form the symmetrical dimensions of the place. Walls' decorations can be made of gypsum with modern models, or made of marble with classic models. you can also use a wooden paneling on a wall decorated neatly, with a television screen in the middle. Ceiling in Majles are tended to be in full height ceilings designs to relfect spacious hospitality.



  1. Accessories

It is preferable to mix the Arab spirit with the Modern spirit when selecting the decorations of the Majlis. For example, to decorate the main table, you can put some old-style cooper lanterns or small set of ceramic or silver jugs. Hanging some luxurious precious panels in a line with the Majlis' décor, or putting a mirror with a platinum or golden frame would add a charming touch.



Hope this is useful and thanks for reading 

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