Luxurious Entrance & Lobby

Whether your home is an apartment, a villa or palace, the Entrance always hints at what luxury lies behind it. It is the first impression visitors get, so it deserves giving the best attention in design and fitout phases.

Declare your home's style the moment guests arrive with these thoughtful decorating ideas expert interior designers recommend for luxurious entrances and lobbies.


  1. Main Door Design

Creating a brilliant impact with the front door is so important. Colors can set the mood and tone of your home at first sight, so make your choice carefully. Here you see the dark brown door with silver lines and silver gray with brown natural marble water-jet flooring to imply the luxury and modernity style of the home.

  1. Furniture in Entrance

Decorate the entrance with a hall table and a mirror with a fancy frame. If you have a large entry, a bench or armchair is a great way to add texture. Adding plants will give vitality and life to your lobby. These pieces complement the elegant design of the entrance.



  1. Using Art in Entrance

Beautiful hospitality with a modern door and a colorful and bright colored unique art panel on a wooden wall with two oriental lamps, and a nice small seat. Some other ideas can add a special taste to the appearance of the entrance, like this big turtle.



  1. Mirrors in Entrance

Adding one mirror or more in an innovative way is a special idea for the design of the luxurious entrance. Such as the unique pieces of mirrors in circular wooden frames on the wall for a lovely entrance. You can add a piece of luxurious leather rug with a piece of wood carved on the wall.



  1. Entrance Lighting

Lighting holds the secret of the best impression and as said, "It really doesn't matter whatever you put in the space if you can't see it clearly." Select fixtures that match and complement the room’s décor. Don't miss the chandelier, and make sure to size the fixtures to correctly fill the space your entrance occupies.



  1. Modern Materials to attract Attention

Interior design experts recommend using materials like glass, precious stones and concrete ribs with great skill in architecture to reflect a rare state of beauty. In addition to make hollow and ribbed walls , and resort to excellent taste in designing a small garden next to all, to be an integrated art in the entrance.



  1. Floor of Entrance & Lobby

You can use either expensive porcelain or marble for the entrance and lobby flooring in a different way from that implement on the rest of the facade of your home to distinguish it. You can also customize the flooring facing the door with some decorative plastic or glass works for a luxurious sophisticated entrance.



  1. Beauty of Circular/Semi-Circular Seating

A semi-circular velvet sofa with satin cushions in the center of this spacious lobby and a distinctive table with artistic vas can do the best impression of high taste could be favored. And the curved fence that fits the circular shape of the seat gives a beautiful sense of relaxation for the guest.



Hope this is useful and thanks for reading 

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