5 tips in the design of bathrooms

The bathroom is one of the main elements of the house,  which must be characterized by elegance and complete comfort for residents of the House

First advice
Bathroom sizes
Smallest acceptable bathroom space in luxury villas
240 * 180 cm 
 that allows the arrangement of the bathroom with the presence of the washbasin width of 80 cm and this pilgrimage is relatively acceptable for the possibility of a vacuum for our personal purposes and the smallest vacuum acceptable for the chair 80 cm so that allows the presence of 20 cm on the ends of the chair allows hanging rinser and incest on the
Of course, these sizes may increase and be more comfortable and better
Important note: it is possible that the bathroom area is smaller than these dimensions, but we are talking about luxury villas in this study


Second advice:

Bathroom width

The width of 220 cm allows the bathroom brushes in the way of the sink from one end and the chair from the other with a comfortable space for movement between them
Which creates a large washbasin that allows us to arrange our things in a comfortable way and a large shower at the end of the bathroom
Important note: we emphasize that these notes and tips are the summary of our experience in the design of villas and are not sacred rules in design and can not be deviated from them
Third advice :
Place the door in large bathrooms :
The location of the door in large master bathrooms may determine the way the brushes are distributed.
The rectangular shape is preferred
Place the door will be in the long side of the rectangle
Which allows the presence of a large space in the middle gives a sense of spaciousness in addition to the distribution of the bathroom in the way of tulliet and the shower at one end and the bathtub at the opposite end and the sink opposite the door on the entire long side
Important note: it is possible to find other solutions, of course, but we are talking about the best way
Fourth advice :
Always in interior design prefers to rely on natural lighting that gives a sense of comfort and activity, and that in all architectural spaces and bathrooms is one of these elements
It is preferable that the bathroom has large windows and not small and high windows like in the past
In addition, in the study of artificial lighting, it is preferable to rely on hidden lights and reduce the use of direct guided lights (spot light ) so that we may use Guided lights to illuminate only certain elements such as the sink or bathtub
And the last note, which is very important, the washbasin mirror must contain a wall light directed to the face, preferably white in order to prevent the shadows of the nose and eye on the destination and give us the correct colors of the face
Fifth advice :
The bath chair :
When choosing the right chair for the bathroom please pay attention to the following points :
the bathroom chair has two types with hidden tank or tank inside the wall and hanging
(Of course, there are other types such as Arabic pigeons )
Most decoration engineers prefer to choose the hanging chair, which contains a hidden tank inside the wall as it gives the breadth of the bathroom with a vacuum of air under it and for easy cleaning of the bathroom in addition to giving a sense of modernity, but this type of bathrooms needs to be furnished from the construction stage
Advice in small bathrooms
1- Some things we can use that give a sense of the breadth of the bathroom
- Use of light colors
- Use of large mirrors
- In addition, it is necessary to use the suspended sink or suspended chair, which allows the presence of space between the floor and furnishings
- Add many places for storage in the walls and inside the shower and washbasin
2-preferably choose a toilet chair that has a cover that closes smoothly
soft close
The cover must be removable for cleaning
3-when choosing a bath chair, please pay attention to the sufficient depth of the chair, which prevents water reflux in addition to the absence of internal cavities of the chair collects dirt
Some mistakes that unfortunately can be made by some contractors that we have encountered in our projects
Pipe inspection
Please be sure to check the water pipe through the pressure of the water pipe
To ensure the integrity of the pipes before starting the installation of ceramic and ceilings
Insulation inspection
It is possible that this observation is intuitive, but unfortunately we encountered in some of our projects by the contractor
The insulation of the bathroom must be done before the start of the work of the ground extensions not after and must raise the level of insulation by at least 15 cm on the entire walls and fully insulate the walls in the case of using marble material instead of porcelain for the walls in order not to be affected by marble
Water should also be left in the bathroom to inspect the insulation for at least 48 hours

Hope this is useful and thanks for reading 

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