Crucial Tips for Designing a Kitchen

Questions and answers in kitchens
The kitchen is the factory in the house that provides us with food and food
It must be properly and conveniently thought out
1 - What is the Triangle of motion in the kitchen
It is a system that aims to organize the main kitchen elements in such a way that the movement is smooth and easy for users
So that the main cooking elements and which are:

1-refrigerator, a storage area
2-oven or potogaz and is the cooking area
3-the sink  and is the washing area
On the sides of a triangle named triangle motion and the length of the sides of this triangle must not be less than 3 meters and not more than 8 meters
2 - How is the Triangle applied and what are the types of kitchens
1. Kitchen on one wall
So that the kitchen items are located on one wall
Keep in mind that the cooking area is next to the washing area, this system is suitable for a kitchen with limited and small space
2. character-shaped kitchen L
Kitchen elements are placed on two walls
The cooking area is the shortest side of the craft, and the washing and storage areas are the longest side, taking into account the proximity of the washing area to the cooking area.
3. kitchen shaped letter U
This design is suitable for large spaces،
Each area is placed as one of the sides of the Triangle .
It could have an island
4. Kitchen shaped letter G
It is a kitchen that consists of four sides so that the fourth side can be a bar or wall
The best place for the sink at the window
5. kitchen ship
It is a kitchen on two opposite lines, the washing area should be next to the cooking area, and the opposite side has a refrigerator storage area
3 - What are the dimensions of kitchen cabinets
Bottom cabinet :
The depth is 60 cm and the height is generally 90 cm including the tile above the counter
Of course, 90 cm is suitable for people whose height is between 155 - 175 cm
Regarding the sole under the counter, its height is usually 10 cm and can be of wood material and better personally be in the form of a degree covered with granite or porcelain
Upper cabinet :
Depth should not be less than 25 cm and not more than 40 cm
So that if more than 40 will be annoying to the person standing in front of the counter and working on the tile
As for the height, it starts from 60 cm and may reach 80 or 100, and it is possible to connect the upper cabinet to another cabinet used for storage or it is possible to cover the area between the upper cabinet and the stand with gypsum, and this of course from an aesthetic point of view
Distance between upper and lower cabinet :
It is very necessary that the space between the upper and lower cabinet has lighting above the work area
Hood height from oven
It must be at least 65 and not more than 75 cm
Where it is possible to collect fats and oils on the hood and it is possible to cause that these fats may be flammable if they are close to the fire and if the dimension is greater than 75 cm, the process of suction odors may be weak

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